Restaurants and Bars

Food and beverages are culture, habit, craving and identity. Here you all can find yours.

Leisure Time

The most important issue is not only working well but using our leisure well either.


Entertainment have power. Our culture is molded more by entertainment than any other influence, so we all honestly need it.

Feel the endless passion

The concept of Marsa Village came to our mind when dreaming of an ideal and modern village that would be surrounded by skyscrapers, near a river. This village is ideal for its residents, having a great lifestyle, and also welcomes tourists from around the world with different nationalities, different tastes in travel, people who are into trying a wide variety of different food, cultures. In this village, a person can walk around in the morning before going to work, and have a nice cup of coffee with freshly bakes goods.
The clearest idea is that Dubai Marina would be the perfect location for this imagination because it has a unique situation, location, and population.

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