The concept of Marsa Village came to our mind when dreaming of an ideal and modern village that would be surrounded by skyscrapers, near a river. This village is ideal for its residents, having a great lifestyle, and also welcomes tourists from around the world with different nationalities, different tastes in travel, people who are into trying a wide variety of different food, cultures. In this village, a person can walk around in the morning before going to work, and have a nice cup of coffee with freshly bakes goods.
The clearest idea is that Dubai Marina would be the perfect location for this imagination because it has a unique situation, location, and population.

We gathered several professionals, restaurants, bakeries, cafes, and more for this project.
First of all we assembled the most professional designers, architects, graphic designers, chefs, and food stylists who work hard and are very passionate for being at the top in their professions, people who want to make good memories for their customers and see their satisfaction on a daily basis, and that is what led us to reach what we imagined and have the result that we want. The first Marsa Village is our imagination, our dreamy village, which embodies several restaurants, cafes, bakeries and bars which includes Firuzeh, Beirutsea, Helen’s bakery, Go Kitchen, Aromi,Doqqan, Lounge17, Zatar w Zeit , Freedom Pizza and Food Nation.
Certainly this project made our vision possible and more clear, but surely it will not be the end of Marsa story, there will always be more room for more and more creative ideas to include in it.

Marsa village’s mission is to become a friendly area for everyone who wants to spend time and make memories with their family, friends and loved ones next to a nice community, a river and skyscrapers all around, enjoying their daily lives and how peaceful it would be.
A destination for everyone, from pole to pole, where people won’t even feel homesick because it will become their new home, where it smells like their mother’s kitchen, where they can consume anything they crave, where it is filled with love, peace and passion all around them.

Our Brands

Those different restaurants, cafes, and bars could come together to form a nice combination of different tastes, cultures, and styles in order to provide the customers with a unique experience each and every time they decide to try something new.
In addition, we will be offering more opportunities, jobs, supermarkets, pharmacies, drugstores, libraries, and more. The journey is endless when it comes to satisfying a wide range of customers coming from around the world and gathering in one big community all together.

Stay tuned for what is coming next.

“A Destination for Everyone”

– Owner’s Message